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Universal fuel control test stand.
James A. Staley develop test stands for all engines. Ask us and we will help you with your application.
Functions The Test Stand is designed for carrying out test and maintenance procedures on the following components: RB211, GMA2100, T45, SPAY/TAY.
The Test Stand consists of two pieces. The right unit, the test console, contains the controls and instrumentation.
The left unit, the drive console, contains pump and FFR drives plus the ports required for component testing.
The drive section contains the 2 drive motors, a step up gearbox and a blower system for each drive motor, gearbox lubrication system plus miscellaneous fuel system components.
The Test Stand will perform safely with Type II calibrating fluid (MIL-C-7024C)
Specifications Performance:
 - Fuel supply: 125 gpm
 - Drive pump: 200 HP, 0-8.245 rpm
 - Drive FFR: 40 HP, 0-13.2
 - Electrical service: 460 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
Manufacturer JA STALEY

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 valid for aircrafts:
B747 B757
L-1011 TRISTAR TU-204
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