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Downdraught work bench for using in aerospace applications, laboratories, production centers or workshop of any kind.
Airbench Downdraught benches are designed to make a safe environment for workers.
The jey point is in the dwondraught extraction, avoinding the risk of fumes and particles inside the breath area.
Nearly for any kind of works and materials like CFRP, metal, stone, welding, grinding, etc at very competitive prices.
Functions This AirBench is constructed with robust anodized aluminium frame sections and plastic coated leathercloth grey steel outer panels with galvanized steel inners. The surface is purpose made 3 mm thick smooth top perforated steel, powder coated after fabrication.
A rigid clamp bar provides positive filter sealing against soft rubber seals; filters are accessed for cleaning from the top and removal is via the front cover. Filter changes can be accomplished in minutes.
Units are complete with integral 240 volt fanset with IP56 motor enclosure, on/off switch, 3m mains lead and fused plug for rapid installation and setting to work.
A simple draught skirt is provided to protect operators feet from exhaust air (not shown).
A filter pressure loss gauge is fitted as standard to allow real-time monitoring of filter condition.
The AirBench EX range is of quality finish and well suited to installation in both industrial applications and those where the environment demands a higher grade appearance, such as laboratories, testing houses, electronics etc. It is suitable for surface loads up to 50 kg.
Performance and pricing is identical to comparable FP models.
Specifications may vary; contact us on the number below to discuss the correct model and filter selection for your application.
Specifications This model is available with the following standard filter configurations:

A Non sparking dusts
H Fine non sparking dusts
B Very fine non sparking dusts
L HEPA filtration
E Low volume fume
C Light sparks

Ask for separate datasheets for more information.
Manufacturer AIRBENCH

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