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The software for maintenance GMAO developed by FLAVIA to Manage maintenance in Aerospace and Industry , increases the quality of Works in hangars and workshops, saving time and costs, having assistances and repairing under control, managing properly the generated knowledge.
For daily work in maintenance installations.

Simple to use, the software starts from the database of equipments to automatically generate:

• Daily working orders for engineers and mechanics. Once the tasks are done, the results are written into the system, to keep it updated.

• Planning of Maintenance and Calibrating stops. Posibility to program them based in different criteria.

• Spares’ lists for daily, weekly or monthly purchasing.

• The software integrates advanced functions like access to equipments’ manuals, suggestions to repair the equipments or estimates about costs of such repairs.

Other options are real-time monitoring of the equipments’ parameters.

Can be showed the status of works, maintenance forecasts, and a variety of reports.

The software can be tailored to customer’s needs.

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